Envrmnt Preview App

iOS and Android AR application.

Envrmnt is a team that was built out to focus on AR/VR at Verizon. This mobile app was initially created to provide a means to engage with immersive experiences built on our custom engine. It evolved into a previewing and sharing tool for experiences our customers created using AR Designer.

the family - photo by Amanda Harris http://www.amandalynn.co
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the family - photo by Amanda Harris http://www.amandalynn.co

My Role

As the principal designer on the team, and the only member devoted to mobile design, I worked directly with the Android and iOS developers, project managers, and QA testers to launch the various iterations of this app.

My individual contributions included interaction and interface design (at all levels of fidelity), visual design, prototyping, user flows and requirement documentation.

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An old flow map for the app.
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