The short story.


My name's Layton Diament and I'm a lead designer for Envrmnt—a virtual reality, augmented reality and 360° video streaming platform from Verizon. Prior to working in the AR/VR space, I was designing for contextual location-based wearable devices. When I'm not working through spatial design challenges with my team, I'm hanging out in San Francisco with my amazing wife and 3 year-old daughter.

I lean towards the Product Designer role most of the time, but I can also comfortably fit into UI/UX, marketing, and visual design positions.

Depending on the day (or moment in the day) you may find me diagraming a user flow, working on an interactive prototype, writing marketing copy, researching new trends, creating iconography, QA testing a new build, crafting the visual design for a mobile app, producing a promotional video, documenting user requirements, tweaking some keyframes for a micro animation, facilitating developer-designer conversations, creating a graphic for team swag...or some other task that falls along the pixelated spectrum of digital product and marketing design.

I'm comfortable working within a range of creative process constraints — from having plenty of lead time and resources — to “make this pretty by tomorrow.” Every product or project is different, just like every stakeholder or customer is different, and I’ve worked to become flexible to these ends.

Beyond the world of extended reality, I'm super interested in exploring solutions for crypto and decentralized applications (dapps).

Drop me an email at if you want to chat about any of my work or have any other questions.

the family - photo by Amanda Harris
My two favorite reasons for getting out of bed in the morning. Bebe (the tiny one) and Veronica. Photo by Amanda Harris.