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AR Designer Marketing
Establishing an in-house brand for Verizon’s AR/VR software platform.
AR Player SDK
Baseline UI/UX framework for iOS and Android.
Avatar Builder
A simple avatar creator app for immersive experiences.
Making it rain blockchain.
Contextually Switching Watch Face App
Companion app for managing your locations and other settings.
Cosmo and Maybelline AR Experience
An AR-enhanced makeup ad + tutorial.
Envrmnt Preview App
iOS and Android AR application.
Ethereum Multi Sig Wallet
A quick and simple design for shared crypto accountability.
Phone App for Smart Watch
Design for a Android Wear based watch phone/dialer app
Smart Music App
Control how you hear the world.
Vanishing Hour Watch Face
Concept watch face for the Moto 360.
Wearable Connectivity Kit
Marketing design for Verizon’s Wearable Connectivity Kit website.