Verizon Product Security Logo

Logo for Verizon's product security process.

The team overseeing a new process for Verizon's product security approached me about providing them with a logo for use in their documentation. I provided a few different directions. One was of a five-point asterisk inside a pentagon border, and the other was a hybrid castle—deadbolt lock. The asterisk option was chosen as the final logo. It was a simple and modern execution of privacy technology today, as *** or ••• represent most password entries, and the pentagon shape can portray strength.

the family - photo by Amanda Harris
Final Choice - Asterisk inside Pentagon

The castle lock was a fun exploration, and I really liked turning the keyhole into the doorway, as it implies that the only way into this "castle of security" is with the proper key. It stood in fairly direct opposition of the other icon mark though, as this relied on old, physical, representations of strength and security.

the family - photo by Amanda Harris
Alternative Direction - Castle Lock
Additional exploration for the castle lock style.