Vanishing Hour Watch Face

Concept watch face for the Moto 360

Now available as a Wear OS watch face!

Read more below, or see it on Google Play

I designed this concept for a Moto 360 contest, where I was nominated as a finalist. Various publications wrote about the contest and this particular design.

the family - photo by Amanda Harris
Primary Submission

the family - photo by Amanda Harris
Secondary Submission Image

Even though I didn't walk away with the grand prize, it was fun to see a community rally around the design. A few developers turned the design into a reality, and I got to wear it on a ZenWatch for awhile...

Me as an arm/hand model

Read more about the contest at The Verge.

Update (February 2023)

Super excited to announce that I worked with WatchFace-Designs to launch the Vanishing Hour watch face for Wear OS devices! In addition to the original design, we've added a couple extra style options too (like outlined numbers and hour hand). It is currently available as a free download on Google Play.

(Left) Outlined number and hand • (Center) All black color • (Right) Original